Multi-lingual Typesetting

Sydney Translation effortlessly deals with multilingual translations and typesetting for all your marketing assurance.

Adobe InDesign Translation Services

Sydney Translation Services offers typesetting and Desktop Publishing (DTP) services for better interpretations for working with design files like InDesign (.indd).

On the off chance that you have configuration files requiring interpretation into various dialects or need the interpretations arranged explicitly for your web designer or developer, we’re glad to help and support you.

Let the problem go away from setting diverse language interpretations inside your design files. Some language text styles, fonts are hard to discover, and besides the time expected to typeset interpretations accurate for your marketing materials is different.

We give master translation and the excellent management of project tasks requiring interpretation and typeset for numerous languages.

Expert Typesetting

All Languages

  • Expertly typeset archives.
  • Typesetters with keen domain knowledge of designing.
  • Most recent programming and industry learning knowledge.


PDF Data

  • We provide you with PDF proof to get confirmation.
  • In the scenario where you use FontLab for InDesign, to ease your work, we furnish you with INDD documents.
  • For Frontlab documents, we confirm every single segment that has changed.


Final set

The last delivery incorporates:

  • Web PDFs: Low-res PDFs are ideal for online use
  • Print PDFs: High-res PDFs with trims and drain, prepared exclusively for print distribution
  • Full artwork bundle

Examples of Typeset Services

  • Namecard Design & Typeset
  • Brochure Design & Typeset
  • Pamphlet or Flyer Design & Typeset
  • Catalogue Design & Typeset
  • Book Design & Typeset

Popular Language Typeset Services

  • Chinese Typesetting Service
  • Japanese Typesetting Service
  • Korean Typesetting Service
  • Spanish Typesetting Service
  • Portuguese Typesetting Service
  • French Typesetting Service
  • German Typesetting Service
  • Russian Typesetting Service
  • Malay Typesetting Service
  • Thai Typesetting Service
  • Arabic Typesetting Service
  • Malay Typesetting Service
  • Indonesian Typesetting Service
  • Farsi / Persian Typesetting Service
  • Hindi Typesetting Service
  • Punjabi Typesetting Service

Professional Typeset Services

Get proficient typesetting by giving your working records (zipped or from a downloadable link) and interpretations.

Email your request to enquiry@sydneytranslation.com.au with the essential information & details for us to furnish you with a statement and assessed conveyance time.

For a statement or quote, simply send us a PDF of what you have to typeset, and let us know the required dialects for translation. The bigger working documents can be shared to us through Dropbox or WeTransfer once the activity is prepared to start.

Brochure Typesetting

Our objective language records look as regular and very much structured as the source documents. We shall take care to pick the text style or font for the typeset documents or you can give the required font(s).

We typeset all dialects right from Roman content to the most intricate contents and RTL (right-to-left) dialects. Instances of our translation and typeset undertakings work can be found here.

All Software

The product or software our DTP group use to typeset for customers are InDesign, Framemaker, Illustrator, Publisher, Quark, Word, Powerpoint and Visio.