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Sydney Translation offers certified Vietnamese to English interpretation for bank statements and other finance-related documents that are regularly used for evidence of income or financial status.

Our Vietnamese interpreters are completely qualified and devoted to full-time interpretation in Australia. Make sure to interpret your bank proclamations with our expert NAATI confirmed Vietnamese to English interpreters.

To start, just transfer your records through the form which is on this page or you can mail us the reports, and you can get your (NAATI interpreter) affirmed interpretation by email and posted if you need a hard copy of the translated documents.

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Much obliged for your quick response & assistance. ”

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Melissa, NT

We shall email and post the interpretation of bank statement to your favoured postal address if you’ve chosen postage option.

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Vietnamese is the social and authority language of Vietnam. It is the native language of 86% of Vietnam’s populace, and of around three million abroad Vietnamese. It is additionally spoken as a second language by diverse ethnic minorities of Vietnam.

It is a piece of the Austroasiatic language group of which it has, by a long shot, the most orators (a few times that of the other Austroasiatic dialects joined). Vietnamese vocabulary has adopted from Chinese, and it once in the past utilized an altered arrangement of Chinese characters called chữ nôm given vernacular articulation. As a side-effect of French frontier rule, Vietnamese was affected by the French language; the Vietnamese letters in order (quốc ngữ) being used today is a Latin letter set with extra diacritics for tones and certain alphabets.

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