WasteWater Treatment

Though there exist traditional ways of monitoring wastewater treatment, they are not enough to profitably optimize the monitoring and automation process. Efficient WasteWater Automation Solution would save money by minimizing energy expenditure and preventing wastages or over consumption of chemicals. Moreover, the system will also play a vital role in preserving the health of activated sludge systems by preventing them from exceeding environmental discharge limits.

1. Blowers used in the aeration basins can be automated to deliver a calculated measurement of air at a basin level for the precise removal of solids.

2. Chemical feed in Coagulation can be automated

3. Chemical feed in Flocculation can be automated

4. Chemical feed in Sludge Dewatering can be automated.

Other than energy-saving via the above solutions, our automation and control system solutions can optimize chemical usage and solids handling, preventing unnecessary fines generating out of exceeding discharge permits.

A fully automated wastewater treatment facility would look something like this; A PLC at the master pumping station is monitoring the wastewater intake in real-time and directs the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), whether to speed up or slow down multiple high power pumps installed to handle immense loads of wastewater intake.

At the center of the water treatment cycle, flowmeters measure the air being pumped into the aeration tanks where organic waste is broken down by bacteria. Touch Screen HMIs connected to the industrial Ethernet network and located inside all the process stations showcases every stage of operation of the treatment process to the operators. SCADA offers the same visibility across the authorized nodes.

Integrated Effluent Monitoring (IEM)

As a part of its Integrated Effluent Monitoring solution, TAS offers a complete effluent control range/system. The system is built for connecting to existing or new, any make Instruments/Analyzers and for online viewing and online reporting of Pollution data in desired formats to various offices of SPCBs and CPCB. The solutions are optimized by selecting the sensors/ analyzers from world leaders in water analytics. Also, as per the SPCB / CPCB guidelines, TAS has developed a ready-to-deploy solution for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Plants.

Our water and wastewater portfolio comprises water sensors, water analyzers, RTUs, Data Logger, Gateways and wireless devices, PLC and SCADA, water analytics via Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), IIoT and cloud analytics.

Know more about our Waste Water Treatment Solution and Effluent Monitoring Solution by downloading the following case study.

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