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A highly-recognized player in this field, TAS provides a cost effective, timely scheduled and highly efficient project delivery. TAS empowers you and minimizes the time, cost and risk of capital project engineering. With an EPC 4.0 master plan, TAS gears you up for success and ensures up to 14% savings on your installed costs. Our clients receive higher output versus expenditure ratio, timely project delivery and state of the art safety features. EPC 4.0 Services include:

  • Instrumentation design, Electrical control and Software Development
  • Consultancy Services on Project development, Control Systems Electrical systems and Safety system.
  • Manufacturing of standard/customized control panels, consoles, control room display dashboards, e.t.c.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation project execution
  • Maintenance contracts, Remote and On-site support
  • Operational technology design and development for networking, servers, cloud integrations,e.t.c. coupled with IT services for the industrial ecosystem.

It is essential for engineers to weigh conventional design practices against major design implications such as safety and profitability, regulatory compliance, hazard prevention, operational range etc. Process design tools play a vital role in achieving it.

Simulations at TAS are rigorously tested against the following categories:

General features such as friendly interface, generous graphics etc.

  1. Data Acquisition and Analysis
  2. Model Development
  3. Validation and Verification
  4. Model Execution
  5. Output Analysis
  6. Documentation
  7. Simulation Project Data
  8. User Interface Methodology

Engineers at TAS then make use of the simulation to steadily evaluate and improve their design, keeping efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility in focus. It is this practice which helps us to minimize the overall risk and capital costs.

Engineering and Design: The Engineering and Design team at TAS ensures the following features during its product development cycle:

  1. Predictive Element
  2.  Quantitative Aspect
  3.  Qualitative Aspect
  4. Functional Decomposition
  5.  Constraints or Limits
  6.  Optimization and Analysis
  7. Life Cycle

Our Engineering and Design focus is to simplify creation, updating and maintenance of 3D models, engineering data and other deliverables.  Enhance collaboration between varying disciplinary teams, conform to project obligations and meet client expectation successfully. This elevates work efficiency across disciplines, limits project risk, expense and delays across operations.

Procure, Construct and Handover: TAS offers seamless project management coupled with integrated resource optimization at each construction and procurement stage. Consequently, the efficiency is enhanced, risk of errors, delays and associated costs are minimized and handover/start-up are made quicker.

Operator Training: Industrial plant operators take responsibility for running the core engine of a multi-billion-dollar operation. To ensure smoothly running operations, prevent safety hazards and keeping up with efficiency, it is of utmost importance to ensure operator/employee training. Even a liberal training regimen should comprise of the following:

  1. General Operational Training
  2.  Safety Training
  3.  Maintenance Training
  4. Plant Shut Down prevention
  5. Troubleshooting

To get more information about TAS’s EPC service offerings, download the Brochure. Download the case study to understand the scope, scale and ingenuity of TAS in delivering its EPC services and expertise of our manpower.