For efficiently conducting the complex dynamics of Oil and Gas Industry, a company willing to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy, needs to exercise efficient cost management, ensure optimum value extraction from the existing resources and minimize downtime. The range and quality of Automation and Control System Solutions offered by TAS promises an efficiently connected enterprise and an excellent operational experience. Furthermore, our solutions provide operational and technical functionaries instant access to relevant information enabling quicker decision making, coherent troubleshooting and meaningful performance assessment.

The players in the intricate energy market are facing challenges in progressing towards more renewable energy sources, wherein, cutting-edge technologies are required to generate, regulate and store energy. To efficiently address the existing demands, Oil and Gas companies need to identify domains within their own operational framework where they can infuse innovative technologies to escalate efficiency.

The requirement for standalone Distributed Control System (DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Industrial Asset Manager (IAM) is no longer viable. TAS offers not just these but an array of such solutions in an integrated suite. Our Integrated Industrial control solutions for Oil and Gas sector ensures optimum utilization of the existing resources and assets, offer maximum uptime, layout an interconnected data network, offer remote availability of data/analytics for a smooth operational flow and quick issue resolution aimed at tremendous operational excellence and a consequent boost in productivity.

TAS has a proven track record of more than a decade in providing highly efficient Automation and Industrial Control Solutions for the oil and gas sector, including but not limited to, Controlling, Monitoring and Reporting solution for upstream, downstream and midstream Oil and Gas operations.

Across various stages of Extraction, Maintenance and Refining, our industrial control solutions, automation solutions, Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, IoT, IIoT etc. are perfectly capable of handling a variety of complex systems or system of systems.

The depths of drilling for oil wells are increasing deeper and are sparsely segregated across a huge area. This requires implementation of immensely capable and cutting edge technologies. Implementation of such technologies adds to expenses but pays multifold revenue by ensuring efficiency in operation, optimized resource consumption and minimum downtime.

The upstream oil and gas industry comprise of offshore and onshore activities which constitute wellhead automation, fraction, completion and separation to retrieve and develop underground crude oil and natural gas.

Petroleum brought on to the surface requires segregation before being transported. GAS flow, water flow and oil flow are the primary outflows in the Primary and Secondary separation stages. The movement of gas requires pipelines and hence the gas movement might include a fractionation process before being moved. Liquids on the other hand can directly be poured and stored into tanks for movement or even they can be piped and moved further for processing.

Wellpulse Controller

Wellpulse Controller is a wellhead automation sucker rod pump control system and also one of our most popular offerings.

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