In the food and beverage industry keeping up with the tastes and priorities of the consumers is the primary chase that an enterprise is continuously after. Coming up new products/flavors on a regular basis, maintaining the quality of the produce, ensuring all the safety compliances with every new product to maintain safety and keeping the prices reasonable is an everyday routine for a food and beverage enterprise.

TAS offers a range of control system and automation solutions specially designed to cater to the brisk needs of the food and beverage Industry. Our Intelligent Manufacturing oriented solutions allow immense operational maneuvering, assist in standard maintenance and enable cost cutting. Some of the vital benefits that TAS’s Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, IoT, IIoT and Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions can offer to a food and beverage enterprise include but are not limited to the following:

Process and Plant Electrical Design

WasteWater Treatment Systems Monitoring, Process Control, Automation, & SCADA

Software development and execution for process variable monitoring and acquiring data.


Uninterrupted Production i.e. improved uptime

Enhanced Productivity

Minimize Risks

Improved Asset Utilization

Efficient Resource Management

OEE Maintenance

Controlled heating and cooling operations

Optimum energy dispensation and conservation

Effective water treatment and filtration system

Efficient system architecture

Our Intelligent Manufacturing solutions makes efficient use of the latest technological breakthroughs of the automation and control systems industry to transform the conventional manufacturing experience. The IoT technology allows a manufacturer to draw quantifiable information out of their manufacturing systems, processes and supply chain; which the manufacturer never had access to and creates scope for analysis, optimization and course correction.

This quantifiable information drawn with the help of IoT technology can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of the latest and cutting edge Wireless and Mobility Technologies. This global access provides the opportunity to collaborate, compare and communicate in newer ways. There on, this opportunity to compare, communicate and assess the huge quantity of data being generated is tapped by the Big Data and Data Analytics Technologies.

The amount of data which is generated by the IoT technologies is not just immense, but humanly incomprehensible, that is where the Big Data and Data Analytics technologies play vital role in transforming this huge quantity of data into meaningful information, trends, conclusions, predictions etc. With this kind of technologies being put into practice, the manufacturing enterprise today is not just generating revenue in monetary terms but also in terms of valuable data.

This Data Revenue being generated by enterprises is another resource that the enterprise values immensely. Off course, it is literally the digital map of their entire operations. The safety and security of this data is as important as any of the enterprise’s physical or non-physical assets. A secure communication network infrastructure based on the Industrial Ethernet Protocols, ensures smooth real time data sharing, without compromising with the safety of the data revenue.


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