TAS’s solutions for the automobile sector are easy to maintain and equipped to complement the existing systems & engineering standards. Aimed at minimum to no down time, uniformity in operations, effective process monitoring, our Industrial Grade Solutions ensures that the limits of the process do not limit the quality of the output.

TAS’s Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, IoT, IIoT solutions for the automobile sector is aimed at enabling auto sector quickly adapt as per market requirements, minimize manufacturing downtimes, escalate supply chain efficiency and multiply productivity. One of the primary concerns while applying any kind of automation or control system solutions in the automobile sector is to ensure minimum application duration. Therefore, TAS makes it certain that its solutions for the automobile sector are low cost, offer quick return on investment, are innovative at the cost end and improves productivity.

Automobile sector is representative of voluminous mass production, which makes shop floor customization an almost necessary feature. An interconnected manufacturing process offers multiple opportunities to various stakeholders, helping them realize production related targets by enabling fresh business models, fresh products with newer integration of functions (embedded), resulting in increased quality addition.

Coupling automation with connectivity leads to further transparency, data analysis in real time and continued improvement in quality and performance. This can assist automobile companies to deliver quality products using clean technology. A 21st century world class automobile manufacturing facility today has a digitalized environment, dashboarding of quantifiable performance parameters at every stage, utilizes analytical tools to identify intelligent insights for fact based decision making.

TAS’s Quality 4.0 line of solutions has been a popular choice of quality enhancement solutions in the Automobile sector. With a clientele comprising of some of the biggest automobile brands in the country, following are the areas of focus for TAS’s automobile solution domain:

  • Factory Information system
  • Quality Management
  • Building Management
  • Plant Control Operations
  • Track and Trace Reporting
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Machinery Safety, e.t.c.
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