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Total Automation Solutions (TAS) is a global industrial automation and control systems provider, enabling secure, dependable, competent, tenable, and rewarding industrial ecosystems. TAS is a global provider of cutting-edge automation solutions consisting of Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, Big Data and Actionable Analytics, along with the more traditional domains of EPC, Embedded Product Development, Industrial Software Engineering, Outsourced Project Monitoring and Reliability Centered Maintenance.


2006 , Remote Engineering Service Provider

TAS had its humble beginning in the year 2006 as a Remote Engineering Service Provider. Within a span of two years, by 2008, TAS started offering its top of the line Control System Solutions aimed at accurate data generation, timely delivery, flexible control system configuration, user friendliness, economic feasibility, strategic placement, deviation identification capability and emphasis on exception principle.

2009 RTU/SCADA solutions

With the experience, it had gained all this while, in the year 2009, TAS commenced offering its highly efficient RTU/SCADA solutions across the industrial spectrum. Our industrially optimized and immensely efficient RTU/SCADA solutions have been aimed at moving beyond the traditional SCADA functionalities by incorporating features such as intelligent alarming, web connectivity, SCADA study mode, SCADA Playback, Automated Switching Power Flow Analysis, Real time State Estimator Filtering, Telemetry Reassignment, Data Visualization, NOMADIC access, Data and Alarm query among many others.

2010 Automation Sector

By year 2010 TAS had developed a strong team of professionals with varying domain of expertise in the automation sector. The strength of the cultivated manpower encouraged us to add EPC services in our list of offered services. Across the stages of Instrumentation Design, Simulation Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Inspection & Tests and Operator Training, TAS has been providing Cost Effective, Timely Scheduled and Highly Efficient project delivery.

2012 to 2014 Remote Monitoring Systems.

Though industrial remote monitoring was around in the market for a considerable amount of time, the advent of 4G and rapid spread of communication networks and internet encouraged us in the year 2012 to also offer the industrial sector our offerings in the Remote Monitoring Systems. The solutions were so well taken by a variety of industrial players that within just two years, in the year 2014, we laid out our M2M, IoT and IIoT solutions comprising of ……………

2016 , Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

All this while one of the major transformative impacts, the industrial sector had seen, was the shift towards Industry 3.0 due to introduction of computers with industrial capabilities. As machine to machine communication strengthened, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) became a reality and computers are no more just connected but are communicating with each other and are ultimately capable of making decisions without human intervention, the next big technological leap is being anticipated as Industry 4.0. This fourth industrial revolution is taking what was started in the 3rd industrial revolution with the adoption of computers and automation; and enhancing it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning for us in the year 2016, a combination of cyber-physical systems, IoT and Internet of Systems, made Industry 4.0 possible and smart factory a reality.

2018, Healthosphere

As our solutions upgrade from being industrial grade to consumer grade and the technology around IoT and industry 4.0 reaches a considerable maturity, in the year 2018 we introduced a whole new vertical in our bouquet of industrial communication offerings and we are calling it Healthosphere.

The Healthosphere vertical of TAS represents our Digital Healthcare and Health-IoT offerings in the domain of healthcare. We offer innovative solutions in the areas of mHealth, Smart Healthcare and Connected Health Integrations. We are partnering with healthcare systems, private care providers, healthcare NGOs and other healthcare organizations to power digital healthcare solutions that improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve healthcare providers’ efficiency as well as minimize risk for patients. We also provide solutions catering to the personal health monitoring needs of individual users and patients.

In the latest scheme of industrial automation requirements, though Industry 4.0 is taking the lead the next big demand we are receiving since 2018 is the Industrial 4.0 implementation in the domain of quality management and maintenance, popularly known as Quality 4.0. The ensemble of axes we are focusing within our Quality 4.0 offerings are Data, Analytics, Connectivity, Collaboration, Scalability, Management System, Compliance and Competency.

TAS believes in placing its bets on the future while staying grounded in the past. With our visionary leadership, strong technological team and highly efficient management, TAS aims to continue serving the automation needs of the industry and consequently serve the society at large in bringing about a technologically advanced lifestyle year after year.

Our Vision

TAS aspires to be the company preferred by the industry for our excellence and quality of our solutions and services. Furthermore, TAS aims to ensure a technologically advanced and responsible future.

Our Mission

TAS is committed to deliver top quality product and services in a record time and offer solutions which find utility across a range of industry verticals.

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